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That's So Reg



Make More Stuff

Reggie Leonard II

Netflix, Hulu Plus, iTunes, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, Buzzfeed, YouTube, Vine, Pinterest, etc.

We consume so much. Content is what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and fourth meal.

Memorial Day Sale, President's Day Sale, Independance Day Sale, Black Friday, Cyber Monday etc.

We buy so many things.

Fast food, microwave meals, Kraft starter kits, Digiorno pizzas, Salad Kits, etc.

We eat what can hardly be considered food because of how precious our time is.

I've been challenging myself lately to make more stuff. I feel like I've been in a cultural haze for so long, and I'm finally getting to see that I don't always have to be a consumer; I can actually create things.

So here's a challenge for all of us: Make something that you pinned. Live out a quote you tweeted. Grab coffee with a person whose wall you wrote on. Create a greeting card that actually says what you want it to say. Hike the mountain that you keep liking photos of on Instagram. Go through your closet and put together the outfit that you just reblogged on Tumblr. Live life.

What challenge will you take up this week?