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That's So Reg



The Beauty of Boredom

Reggie Leonard II

Today, I noticed that as soon as I get bored, I pick up my phone. Instead of relishing in my mental freedom, I read my RSS feed, check out photos on Instagram, catch up on emails, etc. Then I began to think about how deathly afraid our culture is of having downtime.

At it's essence, boredom communicates that we live uninteresting lives, and that's a depressing thought. So, instead of allowing ourselves the freedom of being bored, we opt for being busy, often unproductively so instead.

But what if being bored, at least sometimes, is a good thing? What if it was freedom from time constraints, formal processes, and an unhealthy obsession with results? What if it was, ::gasp:: free time?

There are tons of things that I would do if I had more “free time”, but since I'm always busy, I don't. I would learn other languages (Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian, in that order), I would learn some basic coding, I would re-do my budget, I would do more for the site that I co-founded, I would make a coffee table out of wine crates like I saw on Pinterest that one time, I would cook a meal that I'd have to eat with my pinky up because of how fancy it was, I would redecorate/update my office at work, I would...etc.

With all of those ideas floating in my head, and only one life to live, how do I still find time to be bored? What I’ve found is that there is always room for consumption, there is seldom room for inspiration, and there is rarely ever room for discipline.

We need more discipline, not more time. So this weekend, when I was bored, I learned how to build a website using Squarespace, which is something I've been wanting to do since last November.

I realized the gift of boredom, given in the package of failed plans. The next time you’re bored, recall all of those things that you would do if you had more free time, then carpe the heck out of your diem.

What's something you've been wanting to do if you had more time? Answer in the comments below!