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That's So Reg



So, This Was In My Pocket

Reggie Leonard II

Throughout the week, I run across some pretty interesting content, articles, and ideas. I typically keep track of track of them in my "Pocket." Though I intend to read and explore these things later, I often find that I forget to do so, or simply do not make the time to revisit what I've saved. Instead of being a hoarder, I've decided to start sharing some of my "finds" on a regular (probably weekly) basis. 

So, this was in my Pocket...

1. TechSpiked - Branded as "Entertainment for Techies," I knew that I'd love this site. Sometimes the videos are quirky, sometimes they're informative, and other times they're inspiring. I'll probably end up here at least once or twice a day for the next couple of weeks. 

2. 10 Free Courses for Professionals You Can Take Online - This link is pretty straightforward. Given the rapidly evolving nature of society these days, the demand for new jobs and subsequently new skill sets seems to be the mark of our generation of work. Professional development is no longer simply a good idea, it is the new job security. The courses included in this link provide practical and relevant material that cover some of the today's top content areas. 

3. 15 Twitter Hacks That Will Turn You Into A Twitter Ninja - Twitter is more than, "Eating breakfast with the bae. #Bacon" Twitter is a powerful, real-time professional networking tool and a powerful way to crowdsource consumer and sociological/anthropological information. This very specific and practical list of "things to do right now" is a great place to start when it comes to using Twitter for all its worth. 

4. Social Networks As Search Engines - This weekend, I heard a song lyric that made me reflect on all of the turmoil I've seen in the news lately, both here in the states and abroad. The lyric was, "I'm still figuring out this thing called freedom." Aren't we all? Given my background in the social sciences, I wanted to see what people associated with freedom, so I took to Instagram and searched that exact hashtag (#freedom). The results were fascinating. Stay tuned for a blog post. 

5. Classic - The Knocks ft. Powers - This Soundcloud find is reminiscent of Daft Punk meets Pharell Williams meets Jackson 5 (in terms of fun/high energy). It's a great summertime song to enjoy with wonderful weather.  

That's all for now. Let's see what I find in my Pocket over this next week.