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That's So Reg



Quitting Cigarettes

Reggie Leonard II

Girl: Guys, I haven’t smoked a cigarette all day. It’s 7pm and I haven’t smoked a single one.

Friends: That’s awesome. How do you feel? Do you feel like…

Girl: Yea, I feel like freaking crap, but I haven’t even smoked a cigarette. Guys, what am I going to spend money on if I stop smoking cigarettes?

Change sucks.

It is a shock to our system, and it is uncomfortably awkward.

Let’s say that we buy into changing some habit, some belief, some process; then what? What could life even look like after we make that change? Where will we spend our excess time, emotions, or finances when we abandon what we were once so committed to?  Unfortunately, those questions are the gauntlet where many of us make our last stand, only to relent to our uncertainty. So we remain addicted to our status quo.

But what if we kept pushing?

What if we actually took a leap into the unknown, and lived in a daringly new way that allowed us to experience the answers to those questions? 

The dialogue above was a conversation that I had the privilege to overhear in a coffee shop tonight, and I’m glad that I did. It had been a while since I experienced a hope like the one expressed in the girl who began her journey to quit smoking and step out into a way of living that was completely unfamiliar to her.

It seems trivial, but she legitimately couldn’t even wrap her mind around how she would spend her newly freed money. On the outside, it seems like a trite objection to making an obviously necessary change, but to the girl quitting a lifelong habit, it seems like receiving a new citizenship in a foreign country. And so it is for the things that we want to change in ourselves.

So for those struggling to take a step into the unknown that you’ve been wanting to take for a while now, dive in. It’s worth living in a way that demands answers to the questions you’ve had. Who knows, the grass may actually be greener than it looks if you step outside to water it.

Shall we grab our hoses?