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About Me


About Me 

Placement Coordinator | Adjunct Instructor | Idea Guy

It has been said of millenials that we are lazy, entitled, and unfocused. I have seen many instances where all of these things are true, but I refuse to let that be the legacy of my generation. 

Our world is at a unique time in history with the advent and explosion of social media, ubiquitous access to higher education, and record levels of uncertainty in our shaky economy. People need answers, tools, and someone to show them where to look. That’s where I come in. 

Whether it is in my role as the Placement Coordinator for the Washington Fellowship helping Graduate and Undergraduate students network and secure experiential learning opportunities in Washington D.C.,  my role as an Adjunct instructor (online and residentially) patiently training students in new content areas, or in my role as the co-founder of a brand that highlights local culture in an effort to inspire Millennials to engage in their community, I constantly find myself looking for ways to help our legacy be legendary.


Fun Stuff: I enjoy being a foodie, photography, indie films, foreign films (French & Bollywood especially), traveling, biking, reading, hiking, and strangers.